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Are you building your new home, renovating an existing property or thinking about replacing your old boiler with a more efficient system?

With 10 years of experience and over 700 ground and air source projects across the UK, award winning Source Energy are your heat pump experts. We’re here to design, supply, install, commission and maintain your bespoke heat pump solution.

Request a quote today or call to ask our experts about the best heat pump solution for you.

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Renewable Heat Incentive – Get paid for your heat pump

With the domestic RHI, you could benefit from a 7 year tariff of 19.1p/kWhr for your ground source heat pump and 7.42p/kWhr for your air source heat pump installation. This could pay you £1,000s. Visit our finance zone and the Ofgem website for more information about the incentive. “The £23,000 I’ll receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive for installing a ground source heat pump with Source Energy will see a return on my investment of 140%!” Read more…

Award winning heat pump installers

Installing quality ground and air source heat pump solutions, listening to our customers, delivering a reliable service and our high quality workmanship saw us win ‘Installer of the Year’ at the National Heat Pump Awards.

Reduce your energy costs with a heat pump

Source Energy have the best ground source heat pump and air source heat pump solutions for you. We’re here to help if you’re a self builder, architect, builder, developer with a new project or a homeowner looking to replace your current heating system and reduce your energy costs.

We can also provide a full design and installation service for your heat distribution to compliment your heat pump and further increase its performance.

Heat pump maintenance

Your service won’t stop after installation, technical support is always available. We offer a reliable maintenance contract.

Heat pump cost

Heat pumps can be installed to heat well insulated buildings, as a fantastically efficient and cost effective alternative to fossil fuels. Every home has a different heating requirement, so our experienced team will assess your property, listen to your needs and identify the best solution for you. “The system works very well, with lower running costs than I initially anticipated. It’s certainly cheaper than an oil boiler.” Read more…

How do heat pumps work?

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