Your single source heat pump solution

Heat pumps for Self Builders

Are you building your new home, renovating an existing property or thinking about replacing your old boiler with a more efficient system?

Replace your boiler with a heat pump and reduce your energy bills. Get paid 19.1p/kWhr for a ground source heat pump or 7.42p/kWhr for an air source heat pump. Visit our Domestic RHI zone for more information.

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Heat pumps for Architects

Are you an architect working on your client’s new build or renovation project? Source Energy can provide you with clear advice and guidance on the best ground source heat pump or air source heat pump solution for you.

Heat pumps for Builders

As a builder you are increasingly presented with new build projects that specify a heat pump due to strict Part L energy efficiency requirements.

The scope of a renovation project will dictate the most appropriate heat pump solution. Complete renovations can almost be treated as a new build project and a ground source or air source heat pump solution may be equally suitable. Small extensions and minor renovations may be better served with a lower cost air source heat pump solution.

Heat pumps for developers

Source Energy understand the challenge as a developer to meet strict Part L energy efficiency requirements and still ensure your project meets your profitability target. Installing a heat pump enables you to meet these goals and provide additional marketing advantages associated with low carbon and lower energy costs.

SAP Assessors

We have worked with several assessors to assist in integrating ground source and air source heat pumps systems, thereby ensuring clients can meet Part L building regulations.