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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps extract ambient heat from the environment, through either ground loops containing a brine solution or from the air using a fan. This thermal energy is raised to 50°C, through a refrigerant cycle. This provides your property with an efficient source of heat and hot water.

Why should you choose a heat pump?

Although these systems run on electricity, heat pumps harvest renewable heat from the environment, even in extremely low temperatures, and for one unit of electricity consumed by the heat pump, the home can receive an average of three or more units of heating.

Heat pumps are able to meet the needs of your home and maintain required temperatures at any time without consuming excessive amounts of energy. Heat pumps provide heating and hot water in a sustainable way with no need for gas safety certificates, less maintenance and lower running costs.

The guide to ground and air source heat pumps

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Source Energy have installed over 700 heat pump solutions using carefully selected manufacturers: Thermia/Danfoss, Mitsubishi and MasterTherm.

Our excellent service and high quality heat pump installations were recognised at the National Heat Pump Awards, where we won Installer of the Year.

Whether you are a homeowner, self builder, architect, builder or a developer Source Energy will provide honest advice on the suitability of a heat pump for your property.