Ground Source: Boreholes

Vertical boreholes can be drilled into the land and filled with a closed polyethylene u-tube to extract heat from the ground. These boreholes can be up to 100m in depth depending on ground conditions. Multiple boreholes can be drilled to meet the heating and hot water demands of larger properties.


  • Hard rock such as granite has a very high thermal conductivity. This increases the efficiency of the heat pump system.
  • Source Energy will co-ordinate the drilling for you with our reliable and experience drilling contractors. Your project coordinator will ensure your project is managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Ground source heat pump installations can be eligible the domestic RHI or commercial RHI, this is a government incentive which will pay you money back when you install a heat pump. Find out more »


  • Soft rocks can be difficult to drill, this can increase the cost of the installation. In addition, soft rocks do not have a thermal capacity as high as harder rocks like granite. Our experienced drilling contractors will survey the geology of the area and provide you with the best advice and guidance.
  • The site must be accessible for drilling rigs. Again, our experienced drilling contractors will be able to advise if your site is appropriate for this solution.

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