Air Source: Benefits & Considerations

Air source heat pump


  • Air source heat pumps are a highly cost effective alternative to ground source heat pumps.
  • Air source heat pumps can supply all of your hot water and heating using one source of renewable energy.
  • Air to water  source heat pump installations can be eligible for the domestic RHI or commercial RHI, this is a government incentive which will pay you money back when you install a heat pump. Find out more »
  • Air source heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of properties including those with limited internal space.
  • Existing properties meeting modern building standards can easily integrate air source heat pumps with minimal disruption.
  • Air source heat pump installations cause less disruption to the site compared to ground source heat pumps, offering a straightforward integration into existing properties.
  • Air source heat pumps are now covered by Permitted Development legislation because they can improve the efficiency of existing buildings, although noise levels must be taken into account.
  • Air source heat pumps are ideal for homes in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset due to the mild maritime climate.


  • Compared to ground source, air source heat pumps have lower operating efficiencies due to fluctuations in air temperature.
  • Noise: Air source heat pumps do not run as discretely as ground source heat pumps, however, Source Energy carefully choose heat pump models which produce no more noise than an average fridge.

To ensure you are not disturbed by the heat pump, our team will discuss the ideal positioning of the unit. We will also invite you to see a working air source heat pump in your area, allowing you to make your own judgement on the noise generated.

  • If a heat pump is required for space heating, properties must have modern insulation to maintain a high efficiency. Source Energy can offer standalone hot water options for those faced with this dilemma, with the aim to help partially reduce energy bills.

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