Ground Source: Horizontal loops

If outside space is available, horizontal ground loops are often the easiest and most cost effective solution for ground source heat pumps. This system consists of narrow trenches of 1m depth laid with a continuous length of polyethylene pipe.

Source Energy use single horizontal pipe in trenches rather than slinky coiled loops, this ensures the system does not over extract energy from a concentrated area of ground. Extracting energy from an undersized area may result in freezing the area meaning your heat pump may not work. Case Study: Undersized Ground Loop »


  • Horizontal ground loops are more cost effective than drilling boreholes.
  • Once the land has been in-filled there is no evidence of the pipe work or scars from the trenches.
  • Ground source heat pump installations can be eligible for the domestic RHI or commercial RHI, this is a government incentive which will pay you money back when you install a heat pump. Find out more »


  • Outside space is required for trenches. The land available for trenches should be twice the size of the heated area of the house. Our experienced sales managers will be able to quickly and easily assess if you have sufficient external space to provide enough energy to successfully provide heating and hot water to your home.

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