Solar PV Partners

Many of our clients are keen to combine multiple renewable energy technologies. Ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps are capable of meeting all of your hot water and heating needs, therefore there is no need to install an additional method of heating.

However, solar PV can complement your heat pump solution due to the heating system being very efficient. Either roof or ground mounted solar panels can generate free electricity which can then be used to power your home and your heat pump.

Solar panels

Image courtesy of Cornwall Solar Panels

Many of Source Energy’s customers choose to combine the two solutions and benefit from minimal or no energy bills. By combining solutions you could also eliminate all carbon emissions associated with heating your home.


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South West:

Cornwall Solar Panels

Cornwall Solar panelsCornwall Solar Panels provide customers with an informed choice.  By maintaining a close eye on the solar panel market, Cornwall Solar Panels are able to ensure we can find the right system for your building and your budget.  Not all panels are the same, so Cornwall Solar Panels can demonstrate the difference in performance of different panels while guiding you smoothly through the whole process of choosing and installing your very own Solar Power system. Currently covering all of Cornwall and Devon, Cornwall Solar Panels are proud to have been a finalist for Solar PV installer in the UK. Find out more >>



Please note: Source Energy have partnered with the above companies to make the installation of multiple renewable energy technologies easier for our clients. Source Energy are not responsible for the services provided by PV partners. We recommend, as with any investment, that you thoroughly research companies within your area and obtain multiple quotes to make an informed decision on which supplier to use.