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Source Energy engineers have over 45 years of combined experience in installing Thermia/Danfoss ground and air source heat pumps. Thermia is part of the Danfoss group; one of the highest quality manufacturers of ground and air source heat pumps.

Our partnership with Thermia heat pumps means that we can offer a manufacturer warranty of up to 7 years.

“Ashgrove Energy have had the pleasure of working with Source Energy as one of our preferred installers over the past few years and we commend them for their professionalism and quality of workmanship. Our clients have always been in very capable and professional hands” – Jay Farrell, Regional Sales Manager, Ashgrove Energy – Suppliers for Thermia Heat Pumps.

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“The heat pump system installed by Source Energy runs with the reliability of a fridge freezer; you don’t have to worry about it. I had a really great experience and the heat pump works very well, with lower running costs than I initially anticipated. It’s certainly cheaper than an oil boiler.” – Thermia ground source heat pump in Hampshire. Read more…

“The ground source system fitted by Source Energy has proved totally efficient, simple to use and operate and has provided us with a warm and comfortable home.” – Thermia ground source heat pump in Truro, Cornwall. Read more…

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