Thermia/Danfoss technologies explained

Optimum technology

The Optimum range has been designed to further increase the annual efficiencies of the Thermia heat pump range. This will help you or the homeowner of your property reduce energy bills, whilst providing consistently comfortable temperatures.

Optimum technology incorporates an intelligent control system which, via speed controlled circulation pumps, ensures that the performance is always adjusted to the prevailing requirements and conditions of the heating system.

Resulting in maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption, second by second, hour by hour.

HGW technology

The HGW (Hot Gas Water heater) technology utilises the existing home heating to produce hot water at the same time. That means that you get hot water as a bonus when you heat your home. The result is a higher annual efficiency combined with unbeatable hot water comfort. This is used in the G2 & G3 Thermia models.

TWS technology

Thermia has developed a unique method to maximise the efficiency of hot water tanks, this is known as a “Tap Water Stratificator”. Inside the hot water tank there is a coil with hot water passing through from the heat pump. This is a more efficient method of heating water compared to traditional technology; heating water twice as quickly.

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