Thermia Hot Water Tanks

Thermia MBH

  • Compatible with many of the Thermia heat pump range to provide optimum heating and hot water comfort.
  • Advanced technology: The MBH uses Thermia’s patented TWS technology to provide hot water quickly at low operating costs.
  • Ample hot water: The Thermia MBH has a stainless steel tank and is available in two sizes; 200 and 300 litres.
  • Clean aesthetics: this hot water tank has an exterior casing similar to that of the Thermia heat pumps, helping to make your installation neat and tidy.


Thermia KBH

  • Ample hot water for large demands: This tank is available in 4 sizes from 220 – 1000 litres, making it a good choice for large properties and light commercial buildings.
  • Efficient: This hot water tank has a double jacket which means water is heated by circulating between the inner and outer jackets.




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