Thermia Air Source Heat Pumps

Seasons may change, but with a Thermia Air Source heat pump your comfort doesn’t. The Thermia heat pump range can operate down to minus 20°C.

Thermia air source heat pumps retain high efficiencies through automatic defrost cycles. The clever technology means that these are only activated when needed and for as long as necessary to keep the outdoor section of the system free of ice, therefore minimising the energy consumption.

Thermia air source heat pumps have both outside and inside equipment. The outside air handling unit has a fan and heat exchanger to capture energy directly from the air. Energy is then passed via a low temperature water/glycol mixture and piped into the house to the internal heat pump, where temperatures are raised to supply hot water and heating.

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Thermia Atec (previously known as the Danfoss AQ)

  • Low noise level: Thermia claim that the Atec is one of the quietest on the market
  • Operates down to minus 20 °C: Therefore the property will stay warm throughout the winter.
  • Calendar function: Meaning your heat pump can be tailored to your needs with set comfort periods.
  • Optimum technology: The Optimum range of heat pumps adjust to the prevailing requirements and conditions of the heating system, therefore the heat pump will always preform under the most ideal conditions available.
  • High efficiency: Research conducted by The Swedish Energy Agency (2011), identified the Thermia Atec as a top performer out of 11 competing air source heat pumps. The manufacturers stated COP is 4.0 – 4.5 (dependant on power output).*
  • Range of 6 power outputs from 6 to 18 kWh: By correctly sizing your heat pump you will benefit from maximum efficiency whilst avoiding unnecessary installation costs of an over sized heat pump.
  • Outdoor kit: The outside unit has a contemporary design, making it a subtle addition to your property.
  • Indoor kit: There are a range of options for the indoor kit depending on your needs. Our experts will recommend the best solution for you. This personalised approach helps your heat pump to perform to its maximum efficiency.


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* Note on COPs

COP stands for Coefficient of Performance, this is the ratio of heat produced in the system in return of the the electricity input. If a heat pump has a COP of 3, this means that the system is 300% efficient with 3 times as many equivalent units of heat being produced per unit of electricity.

All COPs stated are provided by Danfoss in line with the EN14511 standards, COPs were calculated at A7W35 conditions (Outside air temperature= 7°C, Water output = 35°C).