Air source heat pumps now eligible for the non-domestic RHI

Non-domestic RHI air source heat pump tariff 2.5p/kWh

Air source heat pumpSource Energy are pleased to share the fantastic news from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) regarding the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This scheme will now include air to water source heat pumps, and will offer a tariff of 2.5p/kWh for 20 years for installations from 2nd December 2013.

This is a significant increase from original proposals of 1.7p/kWh, helping make this renewable energy technology more attractive to businesses, who want to reduce their carbon emissions whilst benefiting financially. Air source heat pumps are a fantastic option when site space is limited and can often be integrated into existing properties. Learn about the benefits and considerations when installing an air source heat pump here >>


Ground Source commercial RHI review:

vertical ground source heat pumpIn addition the ground source heat pump tariffs have been reviewed, there will be one single tariff for all ground source heat pumps approved by the scheme (opposed to the 4.8p/kWh for <100kWh systems and 3.5p/kWh for systems >100kWh). This new single tariff has two tiers:

Tier one: 8.7p/kWh for the ‘initial’ 15% of heat i.e. 1,314 hours over a 12 month period.

Tier two: 2.6p/kWh for the remainder 85% of heat.

This 20 year tariff will be available for eligible commercial ground source heat pump installations commissioned from 21st January 2013.


These non-domestic RHI changes are expected to come into force from spring 2014.

Learn more about the commercial RHI here >>

Access the official DECC publication here >>

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