Renovation with a Danfoss air source heat pump, Cornwall

Our customer was renovating an old bungalow. Being retired and on a fixed pension income, energy bills were a major concern. With this in mind our customer felt that a heat pump would be cheaper to run than a traditional boiler. As with many existing properties, there was insufficient space to install horizontal ground loops, and a borehole would be too expensive. She therefore chose Source Energy to supply and install a Danfoss air source heat pump that provides all the heating and hot water for her property.

New RHI update!

As well as benefiting from low running costs over the past 4 years, our client is now benefiting from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). They obtained a Green Deal Assessment, which calculated an annual heat demand of 10,153kWh. Based on the deemed SPF of 2.5 for legacy installations, we expect our client to receive  £111 every 3 months for the next 7 years, which amounts to a total of £3,112. See how much you could earn when you install an air source heat pump with our RHI calculator >>

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