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Content currently available for download:

  • Source Energy Brochure 2015 –  Our new interactive brochure outlines the benefits of heat pumps and choosing our award winning company to design, install, commission and maintain the best solution for you.
  • Why is insulation so important? – Investing in insulation is an economical and ultimately smart move when organising your property budget. Download this detailed PDF to find out why good insulation is so important to the efficiency of your heat pump.
  • How much space do you need for a ground source heat pump? – This frequently asked question has been answered by our expert team with clear diagrams and examples.
  • How do heat pumps work with traditional heating? – There’s no need to choose between the luxury of an open fire and the sophistication of a heat pump system, find out why!
  • Are air source heat pumps noisy? – Perhaps the most frequently asked heat pump question is answered here with a list of noise comparisons, an explanation of Mitsubishi Ecodan’s Quiet Mark accreditation and more.
  • Air source or ground source, which is better for you? – A detailed comparative analysis of air and ground source heat pumps, this article will help you understand the main differences between these two options.
  • Top 5 air source heat pump questions answered – Get answers to the following air source heat pump FAQs: “Do air source heat pumps work when it’s cold?”, “Are air source heat pumps efficient?”, “I live by the sea, would the heat pump rust?”, “Are air source heat pumps really noisy?” and “Will I need a secondary heating system?”.
  • 5 questions to ask when choosing a heat pump installer – Our heat pump experts explain the importance of asking five crucial questions when deciding who will be installing your new system. The questions include “What does the company include in the quote?” and “Is the company MCS accredited?”
  • The homeowner guide to ground and air source heat pumps – This impartial overview of ground and air source technology is essential reading for anyone considering installing a heat pump. The guide to ground and air source heat pumps is fully interactive, so download it today and follow all of the helpful links to our project gallery and more information on our website.

The guide to ground and air source heat pumps