Legacy RHI application deadline – 8th April 2015

This is an urgent reminder to all of our clients who had their heat pump commissioned between 15th July 2009 and 9th April 2014.

You have less than 8 weeks to submit your Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive application. The Ofgem deadline for applications is 8th April 2015. Please visit the Ofgem website to make your application.

Apply for Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive at ofgem.gov.uk >>

For more information on Domestic RHI visit our finance zone >>

If you have missed our regular updates since the scheme opened in April 2014, please call Ofgem’s Domestic RHI Applicant Support Centre with queries: 0300 003 0744

Contact us on 0800 865 4328 for any further assistance.