Share the secret and receive a free bronze maintenance contract

Did you know that friends and family are the most trusted source for advice on which heating system to install? 33% of respondents of a recent DECC survey revealed they would seek advice from those who are close to them when looking to change their heating system.

The same survey revealed that over 60% still don’t know what a heat pump is, or haven’t considered installing one.

With the fantastic benefits of installing a heat pump such as reduced energy bills and Renewable Heat Incentive, we urge you to tell your friends and family about your own experiences of installing and living with a heat pump.

If you refer someone to us and they place a heat pump order with us we will give you a free bronze 12 month maintenance contract as a thank you. T&Cs apply.

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    Findings from the DECC Public Attitudes Tracker – Wave 10. Summary of key findings 12th August 2014. Available here.