Who got the Power?

There is no doubt in my mind that District Network Operators (the companies actually responsible for the physical electrical connection to your building) are struggling to support the microgeneration revolution.

The existing supply network has evolved from our centralised approach and that means infrastructure spending starts at the centre. Rural connections can resemble bits if string on wonky old poles. Rural broadband anyone? DNO’s are now having to load balance at the edge of their network with equipment that is adding power (solar PV/wind) and equipment drawing higher currents (heat pumps). Who pays the bill to meet this technical challenge?

We have raised concerns on behalf of our clients about some of the proposed charges being quoted to provide suitable connections. Are these charges accurate, or just trying to put people off making these connections to avoid further technical and cost issues? Ofgem and DECC have received robust reassurance that these charges are legitimate, and who are we to argue? How can you possibly challenge the technical conclusions of highly skilled engineers working for a monopoly supplier?

What worries me is there appears to be no independent verification of this process and industry and policy makers should be more alert to these issues.