New cascade heat pump solution

Our clients for this project were self builders developing their family home. This involved a full scale renovation of an existing farmhouse and conversion of barns to form one dwelling with a large floor area of 450m2. This project was located on the southern slopes of Dartmoor in the heart of South Devon countryside. This area is off-gas, therefore the original farmhouse had no heating system apart from open fires to provide heat.

Despite being a farm house, there was limited space surrounding the property making it unsuitable for a ground source heat pump. A single phase electricity was available to the property, to avoid the significant costs of upgrading our client did not want to install a 3-phase power supply. However the size of the property meant that the heating demand was significantly greater than our typical air source heat pump installations.

Our design calculations identified a 20kW heat demand, we therefore specified a Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump cascade system consisting of two 14kW Ecodan heat pump units with a 300l Kingspan stainless steel hot water tank, to supply sufficient volumes of hot water.

This cascade system meant that our clients avoided the costs associated with upgrading their electricity supply to 3-phase, whilst they benefit from the heat provided by multiple air source heat pump units, with the simplistic controls of one.

Our clients specified that they wanted underfloor heating throughout the majority of their property, which comprised of different floor constructions and levels. In the few rooms that radiators were to be installed, the client specified that they wanted antique stylised radiators. We created a full heat distribution design and installed underfloor heating with 150mm pipe centers and screed on the ground floor, whilst on the first floor we installed underfloor heating with a timber suspended floor with screed infill, to provide superior thermal performance. Learn about different types of underfloor heating we use here >>

We then worked with the client to identify the correct sizing of their chosen radiators, to ensure the system would run efficiently, and therefore minimise energy bills.

Our client was very happy with this installation, please see the testimonial here >>