Radiators can be installed to complement your heat pump where underfloor heating is not a suitable solution. You can also combine both solutions; with underfloor heating throughout the ground floor and  radiators on the first floor.

It is important that the radiators are carefully sized to ensure efficiency and avoid high running costs. Our technical design team will recommend suitable radiators for your project.

Apollo Supercompact radiators T22

  • Double panel & double convector: Increasing the surface area of the radiator ensures the heating requirement of the room is met, even with the lower heating flow temperatures provided by a heat pump.
  • 12 year manufacturers warranty




Stelrad radiators K3

  • Designed to produce higher outputs at lower heat pump flow temperatures: Suitable for properties with a high heat load.
  • Small footprint but with large surface area: This helps us reduce the radiator size compared to our standard Apollo solution, whilst still maximising heat pump effiiciency and RHI tariffs.
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty: To provide you with peace of mind on system longevity.


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