Underfloor Heating: Pipe Work

The Henco aluminium core provides market leading durability and aids physical installation. Ensuring reliability, the pipe is designed for high working pressure (10bar) and temperature (70C) and is supplied with a 50 year warranty from our manufacturers.

Advantages of this pipe:

  • 100% oxygen/water vapour diffusion tight
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion, like metal
  • Entirely corrosion-resistant, also against chemicals and electrochemicals
  • Sound-insulation similar to entirely plastic pipe
  • Electro-beam cross-linked inner and outer pipe
  • High resistance to pressure and temperature
  • Smooth surface, less loss of pressure
  • Light as plastic piping
  • Flexible, easy to bend even at low temperatures retains curved shape.

One piece brass manifolds reduce the potential of leaks. The manifolds also come complete with isolation valves for ease of filling/purging system thus preventing air locks in underfloor heating pipework.

We recommend that the weather compensated control system, within the heat pump, manages the water temperate with adjustable flow meters providing simple balancing of individual circuits where required. However, thermal actuators (230v) can be fitted to circuit valves giving individual room control if required. These actuators can be installed retrospectively without draining the system so reducing the cost of any future changes in requirements.

Henco pipe for underfloor heating

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