Renewable Heat Incentive domestic update

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), have recently announced the agreed phasing of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) applications for existing installations. The proposed launch date is still spring 2014. We will contact existing customers when applications open for the RHI.

See the proposed tariffs here >>

The domestic RHI will be available for eligible ground and air source heat pump installs dating back to 15th July 2009. These legacy applications will be accepted for the first year of the scheme. To avoid potential backlog, DECC have outlined phasing for the legacy applications, please see details below:

Phasing of applications for the RHI

New installations (i.e. commissioned) after the start of the scheme will need to submit applications within one year of the commissioning date.

We will be in contact with our clients once the scheme has been officially launched and advice on the application process. Please subscribe to our emails to receive all RHI announcements relevant to ground and air source heat pumps:

Budget management for the RHI

The RHI is funded directly from Government spending, therefore the RHI will have a budget management procedure to ensure it is sustainable. If application volumes reach a ‘trigger’ level for the particular renewable energy technology, the tariff will digress by 10% or by 20% if a ‘super trigger’ is reached for ground source heat pumps, otherwise tariffs will remain the same. DECC will review application volumes every quarter to identify whether a trigger has been reached, one month’s notice will be given for any tariff reduction.

Legacy applications will be protected from any reductions over the first year of the scheme, to ensure a fair phasing process for applications.

Once a ‘trigger’ is reached, applicants already part of the scheme will continue to receive their existing tariff. Likewise those who have applied before the end of the notice period will not be affected by the tariff reduction.

Source Energy will publish details of any changes in tariff levels promptly after the initial DECC notices. Subscribe to our emails to ensure you do not miss out on any of these announcements.

Access the official DECC publication here >>

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