Retrofit air source heat pump to provide efficient heating

We were approached by a community energy co-operative based in Polperro called PURE (Polperro United Renewable Energy). They had won a grant for the community via phase 2 RHPP (Renewable Heat Premium Payment) from the Energy Saving Trust (EST), however they had been let down by their initial provider. PURE engaged with Source Energy to complete a survey and assess suitability of heat pump projects.
Source Energy designed and installed an air source heat pump for one of the properties in Polperro. This was a very challenging project. Access was limited, therefore equipment had to be delivered to car park in centre of village and then moved across town by hand. Further to this the property itself was only accessible by steps, therefore we researched and hired specialist lifting equipment to move the 134kg 14kw Mitsubishi Ecodan into place.

We replaced an existing direct electric heating system with new radiators which were appropriately sized for the low flow temps of the air source heat pump. This maximised system efficiency and therefore reduced both running costs and carbon emissions.

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