I have already received CERT, RHPP phase 1 or the initial RHPP phase 2 payment, can I claim the difference now there has been an increase?

No, if you have already claimed funding from any of these schemes you will not be able to apply for the RHPP phase 2 extension. However the proposed RHI will take into account funding already received by the applicant, therefore if you are eligible for the RHI you could benefit from a higher tariff to those claiming under the RHPP phase 2 extension.


Can I apply for a RHPP voucher before my heat pump is installed?

Yes. When you apply for a voucher, a £1300 rebate is reserved for you for 5 months for an air source heat pump and £2300 for 6 months for a ground source heat pump, or until the RHPP extension scheme finishes whichever is soonest.

You will not receive payment however until the heat pump has been commissioned and you have returned all relevant documents to the Energy Savings Trust (RHPP voucher, commissioning certificate and installer checklist)


It says I need a MCS product certification number, what is this?

You will need to select your heat pump model, please choose from the list below. If you cannot see your heat pump model listed, please call us on 01872 300205.


DHPH 6kW single phase – MCS HP0013/06
DHPH 8kW single phase – MCS HP0013/07
DHPH 10kW single phase – MCS HP0013/08
DHPH 12kW single phase – MCS HP0013/09

DHPL 6kW single phase – MCS HP0013/15
DHPL 8kW single phase – MCS HP0013/16
DHPL 10kW single phase – MCS HP0013/17
DHPL 12kW single phase – MCS HP0013/18
DHPL 16kW 3 phase – MCS HP0013/14


Ecodan 5kW single phase – MCS HP0002/03
Ecodan 8.5kW single phase – MCS HP0002/06
Ecodan 14kW single phase – MCS HP0002/04
Ecodan 14kW 3 phase – MCS HP0002/10


If my voucher expires before my heat pump will be commissioned can I reapply?

If you do not submit your application before its expiry date, you lose the reserved rebate. However you can re apply for the voucher as long as this is prior the scheme expiry date of 31st March 2014.


When should I expect payment?

You will receive 80% of the voucher value within 31 days. The final 20% will be received after your heat pump meter starts to provide data. If your heat pump installation is deemed unsuitable for metering the final 20% payment will be made within 10 days after the the end of the scheme (31st March 2014).


Why do heat pump systems need to be metered?

As a condition to receiving RHPP funds you are agreeing to supporting DECC’s research into renewable heating methods, therefore if your heat pump is suitable for metering this will need to be installed. This data will help the renewable energy industry to further develop and maximise customer satisfaction and help to determine the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff.


Will it cost me for my heat pump to be metered?

No, the equipment is provided and installed free of charge.


What is a customer survey and why should I complete this?

When applying for the RHPP you are agreeing to supporting DECC’s research into renewable heating methods, therefore you should be comfortable with the idea of providing information such as; how much you pay for your heating and electricity and your opinions on the installation when applying for the RHPP.

This data could be made public (however your personal details such as name, full address and date of birth will not be disclosed). This data will help the renewable energy industry to further develop and maximise customer satisfaction.


I still have questions what should I do?

Please speak to the Energy Saving Trust Team on 0300 123 1234

Additional information can be found at;

The Energy Savings Trust (EST)

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)