Domestic RHI – Calculator

Use the tool below to calculate how much you could earn with the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when you install a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump.

Please visit the official Department of Energy & Climate Change RHI calculator here »


The annual energy consumption (kWhr) will be based on an estimate, you will need to obtain a Green Deal EPC (energy performance certificate) which will calculate this. To gain an idea of how much you could get paid from the RHI, you can use the annual energy consumption value in your MCS design information, which we issue with your heat pump proposal.

Please note: There is some variation in energy consumption between the MCS design calculations and the Green Deal EPC calculations. In our experience Green Deal EPC calculations for annual energy consumption are typically 25% lower than our MCS calculations, however in some cases it can be up to 25% higher than our estimations.

Unless specified upon application for the RHI, a presumed SPF of 2.5 will be applied for legacy heat pump installations.

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