Domestic RHI – Green Deal assessment and EPC

Documents requiredTo apply for the domestic RHI you will require a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Green Deal assessment.

An EPC is produced whenever a Green Deal assessment is carried out. Self builders who have constructed their own new build property will be exempt from having a Green Deal assessment as there should have been an EPC produced at the completion of the build. If you have any questions about your EPC, please contact the organisation that completed this for you and confirm you have the correct document.

If your Green Deal advice report identifies the need for cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, you must install this insulation and then obtain a new EPC certificate before you can apply for the RHI. You can speak to your Green Deal assessor about potential funding for the installation of insulation. In some circumstances your property may be exempt from insulation, find out more here »

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